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Design studio LLEV

02 PORTRET LLEV HARRACHOV adela havelkova

After years of the Novosad family focusing primarily on developing production and services at the glassworks, the brand is once again venturing into the world. This move continues the long tradition of participating in significant international design exhibitions, where they have garnered recognition and awards. Under the direction of the design duo Eva and Marcel Mochal, there is not only a new approach to production but also to the brand's communication. In addition to updating older collections and creating brand new ones, Harrachov Glassworks, in collaboration with Studio LLEV, has introduced a new logo, website, product catalog, photographs, and trade fair booth architecture.

Patrik Florián

For many years, our glassworks focused primarily on developing custom manufacturing for clients around the world. The most significant market was the United States, but in the past two years, Italy has taken the lead. Until now, however, foreign customers did not have the opportunity to know that the glass came from Harrachov. This year, we are introducing an entirely new concept. We will offer customers signature products created either by our in-house designers or in collaboration with top designers. For this purpose, we first approached the design studio LLEV. We have known Eva and Marcel Mochal for a few years, and our collaboration quickly and naturally developed into a broader dimension. Throughout this year, we will jointly present the first drink set from LLEV.

Petr Novosad
owner of Harrachov Glassworks

We are building on the craftsmanship know-how of the glassworks, which is situated in the heart of mountains and forests in a place called Nový Svět. This beautiful region in the middle of the Krkonoše Mountains is inhabited by people who have managed to keep the hot pipe going despite the harsh climate and times. We excel in design, and the enlightened management and glassmakers here can melt and refine the most colorful glass far and wide. Design is a team effort and is primarily about dialogue with traders and craftsmen. This development and production process operates in ideal balance here. The partially preserved archive of the glassworks and the rich portfolio of historical assortments are both an inspiration and a responsibility for us. During our work, we like to connect old, timeless, and high-quality solutions with new procedures and societal needs. We seek out forgotten techniques or products often unjustly overlooked by Harrachov Glassworks designers and bring them back to the table. The goal of our collaboration is to set a new face for products that offer both quality usability and aesthetic value."

Head of design

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